One Year After the ‘Miracle on the Hudson,’ an Exclusive Interview with Air Traffic Controller Patrick Harten

On the one-year anniversary of US Airways Filght 1549, we caught up with Air Traffic Controller Patrick Harten to talk about what has happened since the accident and learn more about what went on behind the scenes and also more...
by Phil Derner Jr.


PHOTOS: Gulfstream Jet Collides With Tanker Truck at Boeing Field

A vintage Gulfstream jet collided with a fuel truck at Boeing Field Thursday evening, pinning the driver for more than an hour and causing a substantial fuel spill.
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Disgruntled American Airlines Flight Attendant Arrested After Threatening to Blow Up Planes

A former American Airlines flight attendant has been indicted on federal terrorism charges after mailing threats to his old employer's corporate headquarters.
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United’s Fantasy Flight Makes Holiday Wishes Come True

United Airlines brought holiday cheer for children in need with their Fantasy Flight to the North Pole.
by Eric Dunetz


Off-Road Driving With a Soviet Cargo Jet

What do you do when your 200-ton Soviet-era Antonov An-124 cargo jet gets stuck in the mud and the nearest tug is on the other side of the Urals? GUN IT.
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