US Coast Guard Sikorsky HH-52A helicopter at Museum of Flight in Seattle.

PHOTOS: Classic Coast Guard Chopper Finds New Home at Seattle’s Museum of Flight

Nearly three decades after its final flight, a United States Coast Guard Sikorsky HH-52A Seaguard is once again airborne, hung from the rafters of the Museum of Flight.
by Tad Carlson


Aviation Loses a Great Man and a Better Friend

NYCAviation lost Co-Owner Matt Molnar this week, a loss that means so much to the aviation world and all those that were lucky enough to call him a friend.
by Phil Derner Jr.


Building Time in the African Bush

New commercial pilots face the challenge of acquiring the necessary experience they need to advance their flying careers. Ryan Gaddis took the road less traveled, moving to Namibia to build his flight hours by flying the bush.
by Ryan Gaddis



Tiny Airports Take Off With Stimulus

The Federal Aviation Administration has now allocated all of its $1.1 billion in stimulus money for airport improvements. But the complex set of rules laid out in the recovery act has led to some counterintuitive results: The b...
by Michael Grabell, ProPublica

Oh snap! The broken off tail makes for a nifty escape hatch.

Move Over Sully…

Over half a century before the "Miracle on the Hudson," Pan Am Flight 6 ditched into Pacific and everyone made it home safely.
by Phil Derner Jr.