Lufthansa Flies First Airbus A380 Service to the United States

Lufthansa on Monday flew its first Airbus A380 service between Germany and the United States, the new "super jumbo" jet landing at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport from Frankfurt.
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Building Time in the African Bush

New commercial pilots face the challenge of acquiring the necessary experience they need to advance their flying careers. Ryan Gaddis took the road less traveled, moving to Namibia to build his flight hours by flying the bush.
by Ryan Gaddis


One Year After the ‘Miracle on the Hudson,’ an Exclusive Interview with Air Traffic Controller Patrick Harten

On the one-year anniversary of US Airways Filght 1549, we caught up with Air Traffic Controller Patrick Harten to talk about what has happened since the accident and learn more about what went on behind the scenes and also more...
by Phil Derner Jr.



Photos: American Airlines 737 Kingston Crash Wreckage

NYCAviation has obtained photos of the American Airlines 737 that crashed at Kingston, Jamaica on Dec. 23rd.
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Airplane cracker in Ethiopian Airlines business class

Flying High On Cloud Nine: Ethiopian Airlines Business Class Review

Following our review of Ethiopian Airlines economy class, this is the second of a three part series on on the airline, with this segment focusing on their business class service called Cloud Nine.
by Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren