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SkyWest Delta Connection CRJ being lifted out of a ditch by crane at St. George Airport in Utah. (Photo by KSL)

Did Someone Try to Steal a SkyWest Plane in Utah Last Night? [UPDATE: YES]

St. George Airport was closed Tuesday morning as FBI agents investigated how a Delta regional jet ended up in a public car parking lot.
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FAA cut backs due to sequestration had resulted in the furloughing of ATC employees, causing massive delays throughout the country.

Sequestration And You- How To Avoid The Delays

So, your elected officials can't do their job properly, but you already knew that. With an all time low approval rating, our lovely congress has failed to stop automatic spending cuts, and those cuts are hitting the FAA hard.
by Jason Rabinowitz


@NYCAviation Appears in CNN Segment About TSA Document Leak

If you happened to be watching CNN around 3:30 Eastern this afternoon, you may have seen our Twitter page being interviewed by Rick Sanchez about the TSA's leaked document debacle.
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Final Call: Elderly Woman Sues TSA Over Strip Search, Delta Plane Searched for Explosives

An 85-year-old lady sues the TSA after being strip searched, Frontier Airlines has a long and frightening road ahead, Mars Curiosity is doing A-Ok and more...
by Phil Derner Jr.


The Lav: TSA Wants to Inspect Your Monkey and Off-Roading In an Aeroflot Ilyushin

A look at the TSA's new guidelines for protection against monkey bombs, AirTran and Southwest exchange ads in a commercial war, instructional video of how NOT to land an Ilyushin and more!
by Andy Bokanev