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TSA to Troops: Leave Your Bombs at Home

The Transportation Security Administration is reminding military members that grenades and other explosives are not allowed on commercial flights.
by BNO News


The Lav: TSA Wants to Inspect Your Monkey and Off-Roading In an Aeroflot Ilyushin

A look at the TSA's new guidelines for protection against monkey bombs, AirTran and Southwest exchange ads in a commercial war, instructional video of how NOT to land an Ilyushin and more!
by Andy Bokanev


2006: A Year in Review

Ah what a year it has been, its been year of ups, downs, roundabouts, flip flops, and OIL! We began the year with the final departure of Independence Air, the little airline that couldn't, or should we say couldn't make a profit.
by Tom Alfano



@NYCAviation Appears in CNN Segment About TSA Document Leak

If you happened to be watching CNN around 3:30 Eastern this afternoon, you may have seen our Twitter page being interviewed by Rick Sanchez about the TSA's leaked document debacle.
by admin


Escaped Cat Forces Closure of Newark Airport Security Checkpoint

Kitteh mistakes X-ray for cheezburger masheen, makes hoomanz miss flite.
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