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Aviation Safety: Moving Forward by Looking Back

Over the years, a particular focus has been placed on aviation safety improvements. Many of these improvements have come to be thanks to the lessons learned from past crashes.
by David J. Williams


The Unintended Consequences of the “1500 Hour Rule”

The FAA recently raised minimum flight hour requirements for commercial pilots to 1,500 hours. Brad Tate explores whether this stricter hiring requirement truly benefits flight safety.
by Brad Tate


Southwest Goes Wireless On the Ramp, Saving Dollars and Lives

Southwest Airlines has implemented a wireless communication system from Flightcom for airport rampers, not only to keep people safe, but to help out the bottom line as well.
by Phil Derner Jr.



FAA Returns Mexico Safety Rating to Highest Category

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration on Wednesday announced that Mexico complies with international safety standards, based on the results of a November FAA review of Mexico's civil aviation authority.
by BNO News


Why I Celebrate Sully

The actions of the cowardly Costa Concordia captain reinforce the importance of having a selfless leader at the helm.
by David J. Williams