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Lesson in Safety: How Airlines Deal with Thunderstorms

The summer months mean thunderstorms across the US. How do airlines cope with these disruptive weather forces? An airline dispatcher gives us an inside look.
by Phil Derner Jr.


Aviation Safety: Moving Forward by Looking Back

Over the years, a particular focus has been placed on aviation safety improvements. Many of these improvements have come to be thanks to the lessons learned from past crashes.
by David J. Williams


Sky Waitresses, The Forgotten Heroes

Flight attendants are often seen by passengers as little more than sky waitresses. However their duties go far beyond serving you a drink and some pretzels. Today, we take a look at why the triumphs and tragedies of flight atte...
by Phil Derner Jr.



Video: The 4 Rules in Choosing a Safe Outfit To Fly In

Not enough people think about their health and the rare chance of aircraft emergencies when getting dressed for a flight. NYCA's Phil Derner goes over his four rules for a safe attire.
by Phil Derner Jr.


Turbulence: Everything You Need to Know, Part 2

Patrick Smith delves into wake turbulence, explaining the various factors behind this airborne phenomena and how pilots protect against the dangers of wake upsets.
by Patrick Smith