The vertical stabilizer of American Airlines Flight 587 is lifted out of Jamaica Bay. (Photo by NTSB)

American Airlines Flight 587 Crash: November 12 in Aviation History

American Airlines Flight 587 crashes in New York, Saudi Arabian and Kazakh jets collide, Delta orders 60 Boeing 757s, and more...
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Today in Aviation History: February 20th

A British Airways 747 loses an engine after taking off from LAX but continues to London anyway, TWA retires its last 747, Piedmont dumps their last DC-3 in 1962, and more...
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On This Day in Aviation History: December 30th

TAROM Flight 3107 goes off the runway at Otopeni, Romania in 2007, Basque separatists bomb a parking garage at Madrid Airport in Spain in 2006 and the Wright Brother finally cash-in on their flying in 1905 in a failed deal with...
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Today in Aviation History: October 30th

On this day in 1985, Space Shuttle Challenger is launched on what would be its final successful mission; in 1976 a Pan Am 747SP sets a speed record for a trans-polar round-the-world flight; in 1908, Henry Farman completes Europ...
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On This Day in Aviation History: February 10th

McDonnell Douglas delivers its 10,000th plane, Gary Powers is released by the Soviets, two communications satellites collide in orbit and more...
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