Pan Am's first office in Key West is marked by a sign

March 14th in Aviation History: Pan Am is Founded in Key West

Pan American Airways is founded, the first American flies a Russian spacecraft, a number of US boxers are killed in a LOT Poland crash, and more...
by NYCAviation Staff


On This Day in Aviation History: September 8th

US Air Mail begins, the first V-2 rockets hit London, Surveyor 5 launches, USAir Flight 427 crashes near Pittsburgh, first Russia relief mission to the US and more...
by Phil Derner Jr.


Today in Aviation History: March 3rd

Steve Fossett becomes the first person to fly solo around the world without refueling, the crashes of United Flight 585, Turkish Flight 981, Mohawk Flight 405 and a Canadian Pacific Airlines Comet. Qantas flies to Tokyo, NACA i...
by NYCAviation Staff



On this Day in Aviation History: February 5th

The world's first airline launches passenger service, US starts inspecting baggage, a B-47 loses a nuke, TWA starts transatlantic flights, two transcontinental flying speed records are set and more...
by Phil Derner Jr.


On This Day in Aviation History: December 29th

The crash of Eastern Airlines Flight 401 in the Florida Everglades in 1972, as well as the crashes of a Tarom AN-24 in 1974 and Turkish Airlines Flight 278 in 1994. In 1921, two men fly a plane over NY for over 26 hours.
by Phil Derner Jr.