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Thread: Airbus to end A340 program

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    Airbus to end A340 program

    Commercial realism overtakes A340 (Flightglobal)

    Airbus's decision to end the A340 programme follows years of dwindling sales of the four-engined type, which achieved overall orders of 377.


    Airbus said the A340 became a "build to order" programme in January 2010 and sales in the market have since been exclusively for the A330 and A350.

    "Recognising these market preferences, Airbus has decided to no longer offer the A340," it added.
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    Can't say I'm surprised, the order books don't lie...

    I was in a hotel room in DC when I heard the news they were going to stop making the 757. That was a sad day as well.

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    i kind of expected this since Iberia had their final A346 delivered about 2 years back, after all they pretty much got outsold by the triple 7s. but its sad to see the A340s discontinued.. They are great planes.
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    I show 379 completed minus the prototype 343 and 346 is 377. I also show 2 currently in production, a 345 for the Kuwaiti government and a 346 for China Sonangol. In that "ordered" number, they count the one for Etihad that was a w/o before it was even delivered. I've only seen 206, so I've still got a ways to go.


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