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Thread: First trip to NY and USA

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    First trip to NY and USA

    G'day everyone.
    I'll be visiting NY from 7-12 April, and was hoping to spend a day spotting at JFK (I'll also have a morning to spot from the terminal at EWR befor my flight out on the 12th). Would anyone by chance be available one of those days (probably Sat 10th or Sun 11th) to show me the key spots? I won't have a car, but if someone is happy to drive I would be most happy to provide some petrol money and buy lunch :D
    Cheers all, and I hope to meet some of you soon!
    Gareth (Sydney, Australia)

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    Re: First trip to NY and USA

    Let me post what I just did few minutes ago in different topic:

    Any day is good :) South America u will see TAM, LAN if im not wrong they have something every day, Caribbean also... I think everyday... u can expect arrivals of El Al, Al Italia, Latehansa, KLM, Aeroflot, LOT, Mexicana, Speedbirds, Shamrocks, Virgin, Emirates and some more... this is regular traffic I would say Locals: too many BlueJets, Delta, Eagle, AA (if u lucky u will see some specials like One world, Habitat for Humanity, Delta B777 etc) ... probably around 4pm u can expect A380 Air France if will be still in service in March ( u never know :))

    About the spots... Spot "A" called HoBe (Howard Beach) is good for departures 31L my day almost always starts from HoBe early in the morning whenever sun is waking up :) but this is not the rule... u better have scanner and be sure what is going on if you don't have a scanner you can always call ATIS # 718 995 8188 of course u can use your cell phone.... u will get all information anytime u need to know or check.... after u shot some goodies from HoBe you can move to wherever arrivals are... most of the time it will be spot "C" called Firestone... park your car right next to the "sign" with store names this is NYCA members spot :)) if this is your lucky day u'll see some freaks :) specially on weekends... BUT... as far I know 31L will be closed in March so forget about spots: A, C, E, G.... but no worries probably 4's are gonna be in heavy use in March and if arrivals are on 4's then you should go and see in my opinion the greatest place in NY :) Bayswater spot "D" I love pictures of planes lining up on the runway 4L and my favorite combination is arrivals 4R and departures 4L.... like I said Im not the person to ask what they will use in march and in what configuration so u better have scanner :) u also can expect The Mounds Springfield Gardens spot B arrivals 22L and spot "F" Arrival also 22L or departures are good from this spot.... in my opinion in the morning the spot will be Bayswater and after 12-1pm The Mounds but like I said u never know.... if u need I can post GPS cords to each spot u are interesting about

    Links u must know: u will find detailed schedule of departures and arrivals and u can track every flight ( to see how much time latehansa will be late or AF :)) if u have Iphone or something like that u can track everything on the rout, if not u must use your wife/girlfriend whos at home at the time :) thats what I do :p no u can not use my wife... sorry... - similar site to posted above.... - ATC Radar - this is another way to see what rwys are in use but like I said scanner or ATIS number are the best ways....

    Make sure u have your Passport on you at all the times.... if officer will ask you what are you doing in usa cuz Im sure he will... the correct answer is: Im tourist and Aviation lover :)

    u still have lots of time to prepare your trip... Have fun and great weather !! If u need GPS cords let me know, if u have any ?? feel free to ask... Im sure lots of ppl from NYCA will be more than happy to help u...

    Check the spotting guide

    Its not gonna be easy without the car... but if Im donna be out then I will provide car service I can't promise cuz Im many many miles away from NY right now but there is a big chance I will spend whole April in my house in NY so I let u know If I can help for sure....

    yee yee yee I know couple guys from NYCA and they are ready to say cuz of that Lunch hahahaha :) no worries Im skinny guy LOL
    Living The Dream...

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    Re: First trip to NY and USA

    I like lunch! haha.

    Welcome to the site, Gareth! If we get close to the date and you don't have a ride, let me know and I'll set you up.
    Email me anytime at [email protected].

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    Re: First trip to NY and USA

    Make sure you write down the weekly arrival/departure times of the airlines you are looking to photograph (flightaware is good for that). A few weeks before I visited, I used Flytecomm since the airline list was all nice in alphabetical order but that site has changed and is crap now.

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    Re: First trip to NY and USA

    Thanks for all the replies. Once I'm in the US I'll be getting a SIM card so I'll post up my number and we can arrange when/where to meet if you are still available! I'll definitely check out the movements to see what specifically I'd love to get.


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    Re: First trip to NY and USA

    I'm shocked you arent flying Quantas into JFK. They do have a flight in. Idk what i'll be doing then. Waiting to see if I get this loadmaster position. If I do i'll be out on the cargo area so my 13L-31R access will be shot. I'll be on a slow pace of catching instead of my current pace. I'll miss you Wunala :(

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    Re: First trip to NY and USA

    I avoid opening a new topic for a similar subject because I will probably be in NY from 7-11 April.

    If everything is ok I'll arrive in EWR with flight LX18 (8:20pm) and leave from EWR with DL (6am), but I would be interested in spending a few hours at JFK for spotting during my stay).

    The best date for me would then be the 9th (or the 8th in the afternoon).


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    Re: First trip to NY and USA

    Hey Gareth, is that you from the SYD forums? I'm on there as Will H.
    Wings Down Under on Flightglobal

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    Re: First trip to NY and USA

    It is indeed Will, check your PM :D

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    Re: First trip to NY and USA

    Lol. I think we got buddies here :borat:

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    Re: First trip to NY and USA

    Hi all, I'm finally here. I'll prob only be free on Sunday for a day out At jfk. I only have my aussie cell phone, the number is +61401354874. Post here or txt me ifyou are able to give mea ride and we can work out where to meet. Sorry for the grammar, I'm writing from my mate's iPhone. Cheers all, gareth.

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    Re: First trip to NY and USA

    Hi again all,
    just a last shout out to see if there is anyone available to show me around tomorrow, perhaps just for the afternoon. As promised, I am most happy to buy those available lunch! SMS me at the above number or pm/ail me - g.forwood at

    cheers guys.



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