Welcome to the Events forum! Use this forum to learn about, plan, discuss and review aviation events! Parties, picnics, airshows, jet-pulls, collectible shows and more!

Since this is a new forum, we have some rules that we'd like everyone to follow. But keep in mind that we will see how everything goes, and there will be modifications to the rules as we go along and as we see how activity here develops. If you have suggestions, complaints or other comments, please let us know.

- You don't have to be site staff to start a thread on an event, but if you do create one, try to be as descriptive as possible. If new information is added in a later post in the thread, add it to the original post as well, maybe italicizing or bolding it.

- Always post the date in the thread title, and do not use all caps.

- Keep in mind that moderators or administrators might edit or add something to those threads in order to make sure that people have all available details necessary. Please do not be insulted.

- We've already created some threads in this forum for events that do already have threads in other forums. This is just so we can start out with uniformity. Again, please do not be insulted.

- When posting reviews of events, please limit your photos to no more than 10 pics per post. If there are enough posts that there is a new page of replies, you can post a few more on another page. The goal is to not have an overload of photos.

Thank you all and Happy Posting!