Join Us for #Avgeek Movie Night! This Week: Sully

With most of us cooped up at home these days, it’s time we all had a little fun. If you’ve followed us for a while, you know that we’re big fans of aviation themed movies. So how about an #Avgeek Movie Night? Friday evenings at 9:00PM Eastern, 6:00PM Pacific we’ll  watch an aviation themed movie together. Tweet along as we all watch from home.

How It Works

Step 1: Rent, purchase, or stream the movie from your outlet of choice. You could even go old school and play the DVD if you’d like. You’ll want a TV or second device for this if possible. Make sure the movie is cued up to the beginning of the opening titles where the studio logo is shown so everyone starts at the same spot. We don’t want people to get bogged down with FBI warnings, previews, or other things that might delay their viewing by an amount of time.

Step 2: Join us on Twitter at the appointed time Friday evening. Then, tweet along with the rest of us as we watch from home. You could include favorite lines, bits of history, whatever you feel like. Make sure you use the designated hashtag for the week which will be listed below. Suggested accounts to follow for the tweet along: @NYCAviation @JetTipNet

Step 3: There is no step 3!


The Movies

May 15: Sully

Run Time: 96 Minutes

Rated: PG-13

Hashtag: #AvGeekSully

The word ‘hero’ has been used a lot lately, and the title is well deserved for those manning the front lines against COVID-19. Back in 2009, Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, Jeffrey Skiles, and the flight attendants of US Airways Flight 1549 earned that title as well. Everybody knows the story of the bird strike, the successful ditching in the Hudson River, and the miraculous survival of all on board. However that didn’t stop Clint Eastwood from directing a generally well received dramatization of the events of that cold January day. The film wasn’t without it’s flaws though. In need of a villain (the geese weren’t enough), the filmmakers made the NTSB the bad guy, which caused some controversy. Tom Hanks makes his return to #AvGeek Movie Night in another role that has him onboard a craft in trouble. Never go flying with Tom Hanks.

To begin, cue the movie to the Warner Brothers and Village Roadshow Pictures logo.

Available on: YouTube Amazon Google Play FandangoNow Microsoft iTunes Vudu

May 8: Snakes On A Plane

Run time: 105 minutes

Rated: R 

Hashtag: #AvGeekSnakes

In this award winning* film from 2006, Samuel L. Jackson stars as an FBI agent who is forced to deal with a massive number of venomous snakes that have been unleashed aboard a passenger flight. Originally rated PG-13, the film drew strong interest on the internet prior to it’s release, prompting the producers to shoot new scenes to intentionally raise the rating to ‘R’. These scenes added violence, as well as the best known line from the film. Directed by David R. Ellis, the movie also stars Julianna Margulies and Nathan Phillips.

*Awards include the Stinker Award for “Worst Song or Song Performance in a Film or Its End Credits” and the Golden Schmoes Award for “Best Line of the Year.” 

To begin, cue the movie to the New Line Cinema logo.

Available on: YouTube Microsoft Google Play Amazon Vudu iTunes


May 1: Air Force One

Run time: 125 minutes

Rated: R

Hashtag: #AvGeekAF1

Noted actor (and pilot) Harrison Ford stars as the President of the United States in this 1997 action film. When Air Force One is hijacked by Russian terrorists, the President must save himself, his family, and the plane itself. Directed by Wolfgang Peterson, the film also stars Gary Oldman, Glenn Close, and William H. Macy. To film the exterior scenes of the VC-25A, the producers leased a 747-100, registered as N703CK, from American International Airways (now known as Kalitta Air). 

To begin, cue to the beginning of the Columbia Pictures logo.

Available on: YouTube iTunes Vudu Google Play Amazon Microsoft

April 24: Airplane!

Run time: 87 minutes

Rated: PG, though it would easily be PG-13 today.

Hashtag: #AvGeekAirplane

The classic aviation satire film was the fourth highest grossing film of 1980. The movie spoofs the 1957 film Zero Hour! so closely that the writers bought the remake rights for $2500 so they wouldn’t be sued for copyright infringement. While Airplane! closely follows the plot of Zero Hour!, it also spoofs such films as Jaws, Saturday Night Fever, and the Airport franchise. The movie was notable for casting actors known for their dramatic roles. This includes Leslie Nielsen, who until that point had never acted in a comedy role. Of course Nielsen would spend the next 30 years in roles that would make him best known for his comedy work. As for us, we once got to go inside the cockpit (a little room with pilots, but that’s not important right now) used in the film. And don’t call us Shirley.  

To begin, cue the movie to the beginning of the Paramount logo. 

Available on: Amazon YouTube Google Play Vudu iTunes Tubi (free)

April 17: Apollo 13 

Run time: 140 minutes

Rated: PG

Hashtag: #AvGeekApollo13

To mark the 50th anniversary of the safe return to earth of the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission on April 17, 1970, we’ll watch the 1995 movie. The movie stars Tom Hanks as spacecraft commander Jim Lovell, along with such stars as Kevin Bacon, Gary Sinise, Bill Paxton, and Ed Harris. Director Ron Howard went to great lengths to create a technically accurate movie, though there are a few notable inaccuracies or parts where things were simplifed.

To begin, cue the movie to the beginning of the Universal logo. 

Available on: Google Play Amazon iTunes Vudu YouTube Starz (free for subscribers)

About the Author

Ben Granucci
Ben Granucci, Senior Editor, is an aviation enthusiast and plane spotter based in New York City. Growing up in Connecticut, he has had his eyes toward the sky for as long as he can remember. He can be reached at [email protected]. Follow him on Twitter.


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