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2017 Paris Airshow Highlights

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Written by: Stephanie Gehman
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In usual fashion the 52nd annual Paris Air Show was a show stopper.  It’s become among the premier shows since its 1953 inception at Le Bourget Airport.  Each and every year the display of new aircraft and aviation advances is amazing and it serves as a hotbed for new product orders as well.  This year’s show was no different.

This year, like every other, is a race between Airbus and Boeing to garner the most new product orders.  The winner in 2017 was clearly Boeing.  As noted by Reuters, Airbus secured 326 orders to rival Boeing’s 571.

The aircraft manufacturer rivals also use Paris as a platform to reveal their newest models of aircraft.  Boeing debuted the 737 Max 10 and teased show attendees with the highly anticipated 797 model.  Airbus came forward with its re-engined A321neo and the A350 models.

Paris is world-renowned aircraft demonstrations and this past week featured new models, revised models, helicopters, airplanes, flying cars and bikes, along with a number of other familiar, new and interesting models as well.

It is also possible that we might see the revival of supersonic travel.  Several companies, including the likes of Boom Supersonic, have been working diligently to get Concorde-like aircraft back in the friendly skies.  Boom seeks to have their first plane in the air by the end of 2018.

It wasn’t only a year for new aircraft, it was also a year for new aviation-related products, too.  In an era of increased demand for inflight entertainment, a great many providers of support services and equipment shared their latest wares, too.

All-in-all, Paris was a show stopper as usual, and with two days left, there’s still more excitement to enjoy!  Check out the show’s online live stream to watch what’s to come on Saturday and Sunday!

(Image courtesy of Boeing)

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