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BREAKING: North American Airlines Clings to Life, To Continue Flying…For Now

Much was wondered about the fate of North American Airlines (NAA) following the demise of sister-airline and fellow Peachtree City, Georgia, tenant World Airways just last week. The following information was provided to employees Monday morning…

North American Airlines will attempt to continue flying only Department of Defense charter flights on two 767-300s (aircraft N767NA and N768NA), while returning their two remaining aircraft (N760NA and N764NA) to lessors. These government flights may by ceased by court order as early as today, due to lack of funding and the airline’s current owner, Global Aviation Holdings, being dissolved.

North American Airlines is being offered up to potential buyers, while the airline retains their own operating certificate, seemingly ownerless. The challenge is to keep the airline operating, which is the only way they would be able to sell it.

On the staffing end, all employees will be terminated (including their New York City training base and Tampa maintenance facility to be fully closed) with the exception of about 95 total employees in Peachtree City, though funding for their retention is still not approved as of yet. If those 95 employees are indeed kept, their retirement and healthcare pay will end at 5pm Monday (accrued retirement will be kept), but they will receive a stipend to pay for their own healthcare. Though all others will be considered terminated, only pilots that are let go will be considered on furlough, though there is no cash to pay them. Salaries for all employees (retained and terminated) is only guaranteed up to last Friday.

North American Airlines was founded in 1989 as a charter airline, as well as to provide feeder service for Israeli carrier El Al within North America. From the mid-1990s until 2008, North American flew scheduled service to South America and Africa from the United States. All scheduled service ended in 2008 and the airline moved to operating only charter flights for the military, resorts, and tour operators.

More details as they develop…

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