LIVE UPDATES: Northeast’s Winter Storm

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Written by: NYCAviation Staff
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As Winter Storm “Pax” (as per unofficial naming by The Weather Channel) brings some serious snow conditions to the Northeast US, we will be providing regular updates to the public via Twitter, and wanted to give access to the same information to the general public by placing our Twitter feed here.

WEATHER FORECAST: (as of Wednesday, 9:00am EST)
NYC snow began around 11pm Wednesday, and will continue until early Friday morning, with totals between 8-10 inches for JFK, and 10-14 inches for EWR, and LGA with about a solid foot. The heavy snow is expected to lighten and become “sleety” mid to late in the morning, though conditions will remain difficult for airports as high winds move in at noon with gusts close to 40 miles per hour. Light snow will begin again late Thursday and finally taper off until it ends by 5am on Friday.

Boston can expect snow to begin around 9am Thursday, with totals at about 8 to 12 inches, plus a very thin layer of ice. The snow will likely be at its worst from 11am to 3pm, then becoming rainy/sleety after 4pm when the temperature will creep above freezing. One more layer of light snow should add a dusting during Friday morning’s commute from 5am to 10am. Heavy winds can be expected throughout the day, slowing recovery even after the weather turns to rain.

Washington D.C. Snow began around 7:30pm Wednesday, and will bring a total of 12-18 inches. There will be sleet for much of the day until snow begins to fall again at around 6pm, which should finally end shortly after midnight.

This is being considered a major snow event by the airlines, and many of them are canceled flights Wednesday night ahead of the storm so as to not have many aircraft stranded at snowed-in airports. Cancellations for the morning and daytime of Thursday are likely be high at all three major cities in the Northeast.

Operations at most airports will continue throughout the day, with either ground stops or ground delay programs taking place as the airports close runways for plowing and treatment. Airborne holding and diversions can be expected during these times as well. There is no firm schedule of when runway plowing/treatment will take place.

Airline recovery from cancellations is likely to begin in the evening hours, which is all contingent on how airports are able to manage the snowfall as the day progresses. Runway and taxiway plowing and treatment may be hampered by the winds accompanying the storm, though the snow is likely to be wet and heavy, not too powdery, reducing the risk of the snow being blown back onto plowed areas.

If airlines respond well and have a healthy dose of luck, those with canceled flights are likely to be rebooked for Friday, during which the airports will be very packed, busy and prone to some delays simply due to recovery volume. Saturday should see a return to normalcy.

DO NOT contact your airline just to see if your flight is on-time or canceled, as that will only clog the line for those looking to rebook. Use your airline’s website for cancel information. Otherwise, please be patient and safe in your travels, include on your way to and from the airports!

You may scroll below to see what updates we have been providing with regard to weather, airport conditions and more. Please be aware of the time that such content was posted, as conditions will change throughout the day.

If you have any questions you would like us to answer, you can follow and ask us on Twitter @NYCAviation, comment below or email [email protected]. We will also be available to fill media requests.

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