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Pictures: Nose Gear Of United Boeing 767-300 Collapsed At Gate at IAH

United 763 Nose Collapse

In the pre-dawn hours at Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport airport, the nose gear of a United Boeing 767-300 apparently failed, dropping the nose of the aircraft into the ground. The aircraft, which was reportedly at gate E4, can be seen with its nose touching the ground, and tail section in an elevated position.

We have reached out to United for comment, and they are working on obtaining more information for us. We have not yet received word about damage to the aircraft, or a potential cause, but will update this story once more information is obtained.

UPDATE: United has confirmed that no passengers were on board at the time of the collapse, and there were no injuries.

UPDATE 2: United has issued the following statement: “During routine overnight maintenance, the nose gear of a 767 collapsed while parked at a gate. No passengers were on board at the time, and there were no injuries. The aircraft has been removed from service while we perform a full review.”

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