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May 11, 2011

Photos: Lufthansa Launches A380 Service to San Francisco

Lufthansa on Tuesday brought in the first daily Airbus A380 service to San Francisco International Airport. Filled with Lufthansa executives, media and some lucky passengers, the flight made an on time arrival at 12:01 pm. After being met by city and airport officials, the city mayor declared that May 10th be known as Lufthansa German Airlines Day. The daily flights, LH454 and 455 respectively, are scheduled for a daily 12:05 pm arrival and 2:20 pm departure. The new type will add 30% more seats on the SFO-Frankfurt route.

(Photos by Brandon Farris)

“San Francisco has been an important and successful gateway for Lufthansa for more than 50 years,” said Carsten Spohr, CEO Lufthansa Passenger Airlines. “Now Europe’s most highly regarded airline will serve SFO with the industry’s most advanced aircraft to date.” Tours of the aircraft were offered as part of the festivities; check out our photo gallery here.

Lufthansa took delivery of its first A380 in May of 2010 and has since deployed it on their Tokyo, Beijing, Johannesburg, New York, and now San Francisco routes. The next target destination for Lufthansa and the A380 will be Miami, with the first flight scheduled for Friday, June 10th.

Lufthansa has ordered 15 A380s with an additional five options. It will be Europe’s largest A380 operator in 2015, when their last order is scheduled to be delivered.

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