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British Airliner Strays Into Israeli Airspace, Has Near-Miss with Fighter Jet

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A British passenger plane strayed into Israeli airspace after taking off from Egypt and nearly collided with an Israeli Air Force fighter jet, the Israeli military said on Tuesday.

According to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson’s office, the near-accident happened on September 25 when a Europe-bound British plane took off from Sharm el-Sheikh and shortly afterward, it suddenly strayed north, crossing 13 miles (20 kilometers) into Israeli airspace.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that the fighter was an F-16 Hawk, but details regarding the identity of the airliner remain a mystery.

The British plane, that was under the authority of Egyptian air traffic controllers, strayed north into Israeli airspace “without co-ordination or approval.” The Israeli military said Israeli air traffic controllers prevented a collision.

A complaint was filed with the Egyptian civil aviation authority.

With reporting by Matt Molnar

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