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Video: Ridiculously Great Cockpit Footage Aboard an Airbus A320

Amazing angles from the flightdeck of an Airbus A320 flying around Brazil.
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VIDEO: Helicopter Crashes in New Zealand While Installing Christmas Tree

Dramatic, up-close footage of a helicopter that crashed while helping set up a large Christmas tree in New Zealand.
by Phil Derner Jr.


Video: Meet the Voice Behind the Airport

The soothing, authoritative, but motherly voice heard in airports around the world belongs to Carolyn Hopkins of northern Maine.
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Reno Air Race Crash Kills and Injures Scores of Spectators

As many as 12 people were killed and 75 injured Friday afternoon when a plane taking part in the Reno Air Races crashed into a spectator seating area, according to preliminary reports.
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Boeing 737 MAX to Offer 7 Percent Operating Cost Advantage Over Airbus A320NEO, Manufacturer Says

Boeing has announced its intentions to update the engines of the current 737 airliner and launch a new line of jets dubbed the 737 MAX family.
by Brandon Farris