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Mayor Cory Booker Bans Conan O’Brien from Newark Airport

Newark Mayor Cory Booker has issued a warning to Conan O'Brien after the Tonight Show host made a joke at the expense of the so-called "Brick City."
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Video: Iran Air Force IL-76MD AWACS Plane Crashes During 2009 Military Parade

Video has emerged of an Iran Air Force Ilyushin IL-76MD AWACS crashing during a flyover of a military parade on September 22, 2009.
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VIDEO: Airbus A380 Makes Hard Crosswind Short Field Landing at Oshkosh

The big Airbus makes a bouncy, swervy landing on a short runway at Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
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LIVE VIDEO: Space Shuttle Atlantis Rolls to Launch Pad While Endeavour Makes Late Night Landing

Watch live video of Space Shuttle Atlantis being rolled out of the Vehicle Assembly Building for the last time and Space Shuttle Endeavour landing in the wee hours.
by Phil Derner Jr.


Video: Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental First Flight Air-to-Air Footage

Boeing has released a new video showing the 747-8 Intercontinental in action after its maiden takeoff this past Sunday.
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