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On This Day in Aviation History: January 30th

United’s 747SP “Friendship One” sets an around-the-world record, the crashes of Kenya Airlines 43 and Pan Am 806, Orville Wright passes away, and more...
by NYCAviation Staff


Mike Tyson Arrested After a Fight at LAX Ticket Counter

Mike Tyson was booked on charges of assault after getting into a fight with an aggressive photographer at the United Airlines ticket counter Wednesday afternoon.
by Phil Derner Jr.


Southwest Carries Most Passengers During 2009 Industry Downturn

In the midst of a 5.3% industry-wide decline in passengers, Southwest Airlines retained its crown as the nation's biggest carrier in 2009. American finished second overall while carrying the most international passengers.
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Are Regional Airlines Feeling the ‘Middle Class Squeeze’? A Look at United’s Hidden Costs

United's cost of regional service will be mostly prohibitive unless regional carriers are able to reduce costs by 30% to compete with the United's own product.
by David J. Williams


January 15th in Aviation History: Miracle on the Hudson, United Airlines Born

US Airways Flight 1549 makes its "Miracle on the Hudson" water landing. A Lockheed U-2 is lost in the Sea of Japan, the crash of Linjeflyg Flight 618, Boeing Air Transport starts delivering airmail, and more...
by NYCAviation Staff