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Presumably the woman dressed up in a banana costume and danced upon receiving her check.

TSA Reimburses Mom for Seized Peanut Butter

A woman who claimed her peanut butter was wrongly seized by TSA screeners has won a $3.99 reimbursement from the agency.
by NYCAviation Staff

Patrick Smith's traveling bag of gizmos and gadgets. (Photo by Patrick Smith)

Lost Inside the Pilot’s Gadget Bag

All those gadgets, chargers, adapters and cords are supposed to make my life easier. I'm not so sure.
by Patrick Smith

SkyWest Delta Connection CRJ being lifted out of a ditch by crane at St. George Airport in Utah. (Photo by KSL)

Did Someone Try to Steal a SkyWest Plane in Utah Last Night? [UPDATE: YES]

St. George Airport was closed Tuesday morning as FBI agents investigated how a Delta regional jet ended up in a public car parking lot.
by admin


TSA agent pats down an airport passenger.

TSA Reveals Passenger Complaints … Four Years Later

From intrusive pat-downs to body scans to perceived profiling, the Transportation Security Administration always seems to be the target of complaints. Here’s another one: It took the TSA almost four years to tell me what ...
by Michael Grabell, ProPublica

Three landmines found in luggage at Newark Liberty Airport. (Photo by TSA)

TSA Finds Three Landmines in Woman’s Luggage

A New Jersey woman flying to San Francisco to attend an explosives demonstration packed three shrapnel-filled landmines for the occasion. TSA screeners were not impressed.
by admin