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A UPS Airbus A300 (N166UP) delivering Christmas cheer to Des Moines

Final Call: Man Tries to Smuggle 247 Live Animals Onto Plane, Major Southwest and AirTran Unions Agree to Seniority Pacts

Pilots and flight attendants at the newly merged Southwest and AirTran have agreed to combine their seniority lists, travel sites are pissed at Google, more claims of dangerous radiation from TSA scanners, and more...
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Walmart’s Mass Exodus from Denver Forces Airlines to Work Together

Employees from Alaska Airlines, Delta and Southwest, along with an airport service contractor all worked together in the intense Colorado sun to sort bags and get them to the right airlines and the right flights as they came of...
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A Southwest ramper directs one of the first of the airline's planes to land in Atlanta

At Last: Southwest Airlines Launches Atlanta Service [with Photos]

Over a year after purchasing AirTran Airways specifically for its valuable foothold in Atlanta, Southwest Airlines began its first service at the Georgia airport on Sunday.
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Southwest Airlines Flight 1905 after skidding off runway in Denver. (Photo by @mrbuddylee via Twitter)

Southwest Airlines Plane Slides Off Snowy Denver Taxiway

A Southwest Airlines flight skidded off a runway and into some grass after landing in Denver Saturday night.
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Southwest and AirTran Pilots to Start Seniority Integration Talks

The pilots' respective unions and both airlines on Thursday signed a four-party process agreement that provides for seniority integration discussions prior to the close of Southwest's buyout of AirTran.
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