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Southwest Goes Wireless On the Ramp, Saving Dollars and Lives

Southwest Airlines has implemented a wireless communication system from Flightcom for airport rampers, not only to keep people safe, but to help out the bottom line as well.
by Phil Derner Jr.


Southwest Airlines Using ‘EarlyBird’ to Help Actual Birds Along Gulf Coast

Southwest Airlines has announced that it will donate $1 from every EarlyBird Check-In purchase to help the National Wildlife Refuge Association with its Gulf wildlife recovery efforts.
by BNO News

C&T Charters, "Your Bridge to Cuba," charters this SkyKing 737-400 (N916SK), for flights between JFK and Havana. (Photo by John Klos)

Final Call: New Effort Launched to Locate Amelia Earhart’s Plane

Amelia Earhart's plane may be found yet, meet the most senior flight attendant in America, United goes to war with Southwest over international service, and more...
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Southwest's first Boeing 737-800 (Warrior One, N8301J) about to depart Fort Lauderdale for Chicago Midway on its second revenue flight.

Why Southwest’s First Boeing 737-800 Is Kind of a Big Deal [with Photos]

When compared to its newer, larger, longer-range siblings, Boeing's 737-800 might not be the sexiest airliner in the skies. But when the world's largest 737 operator added them to its fleet this week, the aviation world was pay...
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Southwest Arrives at LaGuardia!

The gates are ready. The staff are ready. All we need now are some planes. Those will be here soon: We are now only hours away from Southwest Airlines' highly anticipated entrance into the New York City market.
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