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Air France Concorde F-BTSC on fire before crashing in Paris.

Air France Concorde Crashes in Paris: July 25 in Aviation History

An Air France Concorde crashes in Paris, French aviator Louis Blériot crosses the English Channel, and more...
by NYCAviation Staff


Is This the Best Airline Commercial Ever?

Most airlines gave up on the use of T&A to sell flights around the same time bell bottoms went out of style. Moscow-based startup Avianova isn't having any of that noise.
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Russian Supply Spacecraft Spinning Out of Control at International Space Station

URGENT: Mission control of the Russian Federal Space Agency on Friday said that a Russian supply spacecraft had "uncontrollable rotation" during an attempt to dock at the International Space Station, the Interfax news agency re...
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On This Day in Aviation History: December 26th

A big day for the Russians, as Aeroflot begins Il-86 flights, the Tu-144 begins operations, and the first Soviet flight exceeding the sound barrier.
by Phil Derner Jr.

A UTAir Antonov An-24 does its best monster truck impression.

Is This The Most Dangerous Takeoff Ever Captured On Video?

These old Russian planes were built to plow through just about anything within reason, but these pilots throw reason into the mud.
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