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Today in Aviation History: February 5th

The world's first airline launches passenger service, US starts inspecting baggage, a B-47 loses a nuke, TWA starts transatlantic flights, two transcontinental flying speed records are set and more...
by NYCAviation Staff


PHOTOS: Lufthansa Begins First Airbus A380 Service to Miami

Another page was added to the journals of South Florida aviation history on Friday with the arrival of the first Lufthansa A380 superjumbo jet at Miami International Airport.
by Mark Lawrence


Lufthansa A380 to Take Flight in May

Lufthansa's CEO has confirmed that their A380 Super Jumbo should up in the air by the end of May, though its first destination has yet to be announced.
by Mark Hsiung



Lurking Behind the Germanwings Cockpit Door

In light of the tragic news earlier today, Columnist Erika Armstrong explores the culture of those who fly professionally and the ultimate betrayal among their ranks.
by Erika Armstrong


On This Day in Aviation History: October 13th

Uruguayan Flight 571 crashes into the Andes, where 16 people survive 72 days before being rescued, inspiring the movie "Alive". Also, Lufthansa Flight 181 is hijacked, a Bolivian 707 crashes in Santa Cruz, and an Il-62 crashes ...
by Phil Derner Jr.