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Medical Helicopter Crash Kills Three in Arizona

A medical helicopter crashed on Wednesday in Tucson, officials said, killing all three people aboard.
by BNO News


VIDEO: Rescue Helicopter Crashes in Nevada

A rescue helicopter went down at a mountainous campground in Nevada last week. None of the four on board were seriously hurt.
by Phil Derner Jr.


At Least Two People Killed in Oklahoma Medical Helicopter Crash

At least two people were killed on Thursday night after a medical helicopter crashed in Kingfisher County, Oklahoma, officials said.
by BNO News



Chopper Pilot Nearly Becomes Eligible for Darwin Award

A Florida helicopter pilot somehow made it home with only a broken arm after attempting an extraordinarily stupid maneuver with his Robinson R22 and failing miserably.
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Helicopter Crashes Into New York’s East River

A helicopter crashed into New York's East River shortly after taking off Tuesday afternoon.
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