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Thai Military Helicopter Crashes During Rescue Mission for Earlier Chopper Crash

A Thai military helicopter has been reported missing on Tuesday and is believed to have crashed near the Myanmar border with nine people on board, officials said.
by BNO News

Robinson R44 Raven helicopter similar to the accident aircraft. (Photo by Arpingstone via wikimedia)

Helicopter Missing Near Moscow Was Carrying Infamous Businessman

A helicopter carrying at least 3 people, including notorious Russian businessman Fedor Tsarev, went missing Sunday.
by BNO News

East River Helicopter Crash map. (Map by NYCAviation/Google Maps)

East River Crash Helicopter Was Overweight: NTSB

A Bell 206B helicopter may have been overloaded when it crashed and killed three people in 2011.
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Crash site along the River Thames in London. (Map by NYCAviation/Google Maps)

London Pedestrian Died Of Burns In Helicopter Crash

A pedestrian caught up in the London helicopter crash died from severe burns, police said Friday.
by AFP

Pakistan Army Mil Mi-17 helicopter. (Photo by Waqas Usman, CC BY-SA, via Wikipedia)

Pakistan Army Helicopter Crash Kills 6 Soldiers

A Pakistan Army Mi-17 helicopter crashed during a test flight, killing six crew members and seriously injuring two others.
by BNO News