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Continental’s Last Day: 16 Photos Looking Back at Their Fantastic 76 Year Run

A photographic look back at the 76 years of Continental, which will cease to exist on Friday, October 1st.
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Today in Aviation History: March 12th

Southwest grounds 44 aircraft for inspection, a pair of B-52s fly around the world, an Air Vietnam DC-4 is shot down, and more...
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Former White House Bomb Sniffing Dog Goes Rogue at Detroit Airport [UPDATED]

A dog recently fired from his bomb sniffing job at the White House is on the lam at Detroit Metro Airport after escaping from handlers Monday night.
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On This Day in Aviation History: December 20th

A Continental 737 slides off the runway and burns at Denver, the first flight of the Delta Dagger, the first flight over Antarctica, and more...
by Phil Derner Jr.

Somewhere over China, a Qatar Airways Boeing 777 makes a banking right turn

Final Call: Are Boeing and Airbus Building Too Many Planes?

One leasing company CEO says Boeing and Airbus are unlikely to sell all the planes in their order book, a man is subdued after chanting "Allah akbar" on a plane, Continental's days are numbered, and more...
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