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Video: Passengers Say Truck Hit El Al Plane Before Landing Gear Emergency

Did a truck hit the El Al Boeing 777-200ER that made an emergency landing due to a malfunction on May 23rd?
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Bomb Threats Against Pakistan Airline Force Two Emergency Landings

Two passenger planes operated by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) landed safely in Turkey and Malaysia on Wednesday after a bomb threat was received, officials said on Thursday morning.
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22 Photos of Scoot’s First Painted Boeing 777

The first Boeing 777-200ER for Scoot, the soon-to-be-launched new low cost carrier from Singapore Airlines, has emerged from the paint hangar in Singapore.
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NTSB Issues an Interim Update on Asiana Flight 214

The NTSB on Friday morning announced that an investigative hearing will be conducted in December regarding the crash of Asiana Flight 214. They also provided an update on the progress of the investigation.
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American and Delta Launching Routes to Tokyo-Haneda in Coming Days

American Airlines and Delta Air Lines will begin serving Tokyo's Haneda Airport this Friday and Saturday, respectively.
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