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Thread: KC-135 down in Kyrgyzstan

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    KC-135 down in Kyrgyzstan

    Surprised it hasn't been mentioned here yet since every major news source has something on it...

    KC135 crashed right outside Manas, Kyrgyzstan after takeoff earlier today - initial reports are that the aircraft broke up in flight (based on eyewitness accounts and some of the pictures linked below). All 3 crewmembers on-board presumed dead... It's been a rough month for aviation in that part of the world.. F16 last month, followed by an MC12 about 2 weeks ago and the 747 a few days ago, only to be followed by this today. This one hits a little closer to home than the others though... RIP to my fellow aircrew...

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    You read my mind, I was just coming here to post this and wondered the same thing.

    The debris field looks pretty localized, which would contradict the account of a midair breakup. We'll see what happens with this one I guess. What a sh*tty week

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    Kyrgyz officials announced they have found the remains of two of the crew members, and continue to search for the third. Between work and a road trip, I was keeping up with the story as best I could yesterday. Looking at some of the early photos and video, there were two clearly defined smoke plumes, nearby but separate, plus photos showed the vertical stab away from the main wreckage, so I'm not discounting the reports of an inflight breakup, especially at lower altitude.

    Sadly, this brings back the memories of the crew we lost one night in Panama.

    RIP, my friends...

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    Rough times indeed. I wish the MC-12 got more press too. Sorry we didn't cover it here.
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