Russia Fires Senior Anti-Terrorism Officials Over Moscow Airport Bombing

Two senior Russian anti-terrorism officials were sacked on Tuesday for failing to prevent January's deadly Moscow airport bombing.
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AvGeeks Celebrate National Aviation Day!

Celebrate National Aviation Day with us by using the hashtag #AvDay to tell us what aviation means to you!
by Phil Derner Jr.

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BREAKING: Settlement Agreement in American/US Airways Merger

Late Tuesday morning, NYCAviation recieved word that American Airlines and US Airways had reached an antitrust settlement with the United States Department of Justice. This settlement will allow the merger to move forward, but ...
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Pentagon Report Confirms Afghanistan Helicopter Crash That Killed 38 Was Caused by Grenade

A helicopter crash in eastern Afghanistan which killed nearly 40 Afghan and U.S. service members in August was caused by an insurgent-fired rocket-propelled grenade (RPG), according to a U.S. report.
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Atlantic City Thunder Over The Boardwalk Airshow 2009

Despite work and other daily responsibilities, rarely does my alarm go off as early as 5AM. As I struggled to get out of bed in the dark, I knew my day would be worth the five hours of sleep and four plus hour roundtrip drive...
by Scott Snorteland