SkyWest Delta Connection CRJ being lifted out of a ditch by crane at St. George Airport in Utah. (Photo by KSL)

Did Someone Try to Steal a SkyWest Plane in Utah Last Night? [UPDATE: YES]

St. George Airport was closed Tuesday morning as FBI agents investigated how a Delta regional jet ended up in a public car parking lot.
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A Southwest ramper directs one of the first of the airline's planes to land in Atlanta

At Last: Southwest Airlines Launches Atlanta Service [with Photos]

Over a year after purchasing AirTran Airways specifically for its valuable foothold in Atlanta, Southwest Airlines began its first service at the Georgia airport on Sunday.
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Russian Fighter Jet Crash in Ural Mountains Kills Both Pilots

A Russian Air Force Mikoyan MiG-31 fither jet crashed in the central region of the country, killing both pilots on board, officials said on Tuesday.
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Donated FedEx Boeing 727 Arrives In Ft. Lauderdale

NYCAviation was on hand as FedEx Express handed over one of their retired 727-200s to Broward County, FL for use as a trainer.
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Third Time Lucky – Flight Review of Etihad Airways Pearl Business Class

Having experienced Etihad first class (and perhaps less fortunate to experience its economy class), I had a chance to try its Pearl Business Class cabin.
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