The Noisy, Sweaty Hell of Small Planes

I spent the better part of five years immersed in general aviation. Frankly, as I see it, those are 1,500 hours that I’m never getting back.
by Patrick Smith


Approaches: Pilots Are Still Flying ‘Em!

In a day when the flight deck is filled with automation, pilots love the opportunity to grab the controls and navigate their airplane to a challenging yet safe landing.
by Justin Schlechter

Gulf Air Baby George Francis was so named after the carrier's IATA airline code, GF.

Baby On Board: How to Add a Passenger In-Flight

Every so often you end a flight with one more "soul" than you started with.
by Patrick Smith


Up close with the shiny aluminum of an American Airlines 777. (Photo by Matt Molnar)

Brace Yourselves For American Airlines’ Imminent Rebranding

American Airlines is expected to unveil a new brand image later this month. And this doesn’t happen very often, so people might get upset.
by Dan Frommer


When I’m Looking Up, He’s Looking Down

It goes without saying that anyone who loves aviation instinctively looks up to the sky when they hear a plane passing over. It doesn’t matter what kind of plane, any time I hear that whine of prop or the roar of a jet, I alw...
by Tom Alfano