This job stinks -- literally -- but somebody's got to do it, and on "Airport 24/7: Miami" that somebody is Albert Coreschi. (Photo by Travel Channel)

‘Airport 24/7: Miami’ Offers Compelling Look At People Who Make The Airport Tick

Avgeeks will love it, but "Airport 24/7" shows the aviation and air travel business is filled with stories and characters that appeal to all.
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The Dangers of Post-Crash Speculation

Oh, speculation. The social by-product of any disaster. How I loathe it.
by Phil Derner Jr.

Gudmundur Karl Arthorsson might not be flying Icelandair anytime soon. (Photo by Andy Ellwood via Tumblr)

A Drunk Pilot, A Drunk Passenger, A Roll of Duct Tape And Two Disrupted Flights

Two more wasted men—one of them an airline pilot—made headlines on Friday when each disrupted separate flights to New York.
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James Bond is about to give Goldfinger a physics lesson.

Mitt Romney, Plane Windows and Bond, James Bond

You've already read a million opinions on this so I'll keep mine brief and then we'll skip to a video.
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Should American replace the eagle in its logo with the Twitter bird?

American Airlines Responds to Every Tweet, Even When Your Handle is @hotdoghandjobs

American has done an exemplary job of keeping their Twitter complainants happy, or at the very least, responding in a timely fashion.
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