FAA Headquarters in Washington DC. (Photo by Matthew Bisanz, via Wikimedia Commons)

Did FAA Managers Urge Employees to Vote Democrat?

FAA managers illegally told workers that Republican wins would mean budget cuts for the agency, according to a government transparency group.
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Philadelphia Police patch

Flight Attendant Caught With Loaded Gun at Philadelphia Airport, Cop Accidentally Fires It

A Republic Airways flight attendant and a Philadelphia cop are both in trouble after an incident with a loaded gun at Philadelphia Airport.
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The High Risk Job of a Military Charter Loadmaster

People jumped onto the internet Tuesday and saw the shockingly intense video of Monday’s National Airlines 747 crash that took place just after takeoff from Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan. Though it is so very early in the in...
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Sky Waitresses, The Forgotten Heroes

Flight attendants are often seen by passengers as little more than sky waitresses. However their duties go far beyond serving you a drink and some pretzels. Today, we take a look at why the triumphs and tragedies of flight atte...
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Rendering of the new American Airlines livery on a Boeing 777-300ER. (Image by American Airlines)

New American Airlines Branding Draws Mixed Reviews From Fliers

American Airlines revealed its new look on Thursday, tossing out the polished metal and Helvetica in favor of gray paint and Fruitiger.
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