Clayton Osbon mugshot.

Judge Orders Former JetBlue Pilot To Stay Away From Planes

Former JetBlue Captain Clayton Osbon has been allowed to go home by reason of insanity, but is banned from going near planes.
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Spirit Airlines Linsanely Low Fares

Spirit Airlines Jumps On the Jeremy Lin Bandwagon

Following their time-honored tradition of using sales inspired by current events, Spirit's latest email sale recites one of the dozens of puns the sports media have come up with for the surname of breakout Knicks star Jeremy Lin.
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Should American replace the eagle in its logo with the Twitter bird?

American Airlines Responds to Every Tweet, Even When Your Handle is @hotdoghandjobs

American has done an exemplary job of keeping their Twitter complainants happy, or at the very least, responding in a timely fashion.
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Radar image of Nor'easter on Wednesday morning. (via National Weather Service)

Nor’easter Spurs Over 1,000 Flight Cancellations

Over 1,000 flights to and from northeast airports were cancelled Wednesday as a winter storm approached the region with strong winds, snow and rain.
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Your Role in the Hobby of Plane Spotting

Many people have a preconceived notion that taking photos of airliners is illegal, harmful, or dangerous. They couldn't be any more wrong.
by Phil Derner Jr.