• http://twitter.com/protonrr F.Sena

    For those who don’t understand portuguese, Victor, the guy who was filming with his iphone (airplane mode, I suppose) faints for a few seconds as a result of panick right after the engine doors flew off. He says “oh my god” before that.

    He said on his you tube channel it was his first flight ever, hence his anxiety.

    Meanwhile others try to warn flight attendents: “the thing blew up over there!”, “the wing blew up!”, “the engine!”.

    Victor, wakes up, now even more terrified and start yelling “avisa! pelo amor de deus!” which means something like “warn/tell them for god’s sake!” while some people ask him and everyone to calm down.

    One of the passengers even mentions “it didn’t explode, it just got uncovered”.

  • USFLYguy

    Thanks for translating for us F.Sena…. It brings clarity and understanding when understanding what the passengers are saying…. Especially during time during an emergency…. Although these occurrences are extremely rare, it would be enough for dear Victor who already feared flying and this was to happen during his first flight… I hope this set back does not keep him from becoming a jetsetter!!!

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