Aviation News

February 24, 2012

Final Call: Air Force One Burns $180K An Hour, Drunk Flight Attendant Forces Flight Cancellation

TAM Brasil Airbus A330-200 (PT-MVB) touches down in Miami
Photo of the Day: A TAM Brasil Airbus A330-200 (PT-MVB) touches down in Miami. (Photo by Mark Lawrence)
• New figures from the US Air Force reveal that operating Air Force One costs $179,750 per flight hour. [ABC News]

• A Delta Connection/Pinnacle Airlines flight attendant tested twice the legal blood alcohol limit for driving when she was removed from a flight she was about to work from Grand Forks to Minneapolis. She wasn’t arrested but will likely be disciplined by her employer. [KVLY via MSNBC]

• United is in talks with Boeing to get some compensation over 787 delivery delays. [Associated Press via CBS]

• AccuWeather’s Severe Weather Week takes a look at Southern Air Flight 242, a DC-9 that went down in Alabama after inadvertently flying through a hail storm and losing power from both engines. [AccuWeather]

• How a carrier pigeon flew 120 miles to save a crashed British bomber crew during World War II. [BBC]

• Two airport scams busted in New York: An illegal cab driver gets taken out by a brave teenaged tourist from Panama [Gothamist], while an ex-con was caught stealing luggage from a carousel at Newark. [NBC New York]

• An Australia woman still suffers from airsickness six years after a turbulent flight due to a rare disorder called Mal de Debarquement Syndrome (MdDS). [News.com.au]