On This Day in Aviation History

March 25, 2011

On This Day in Aviation History: March 25th

2009, the September 2007 approval by the U.S. Department of Transportation for American Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and US Airways to begin service between and Beijing, China, or Shanghai, China, goes into effect.

2008, Saudi Arabian Airlines Flight 810, a Boeing 747-300 (TF-ARS) on wet-lease from Air Atlanta Icelandic catches fire on landing at Dhaka-Zia International Airport in Bangladesh. Though all 326 aboard escaped with their lives, the aircraft would be written off.

2006, the Hyshot III scramjet engine designed to fly at 7-times the speed of sound, is tested successfully in South Australia.

2000, a Uralex Antonov An-32 (D2-MAJ) crashes after experiencing a brake failure on takeoff after trying to avoid a hole on the runway.  The aircraft loses control, hits another hole and breaks into two pieces. Of the 33 occupants, 3 are killed.

1993, Barbara Harmer becomes the first female pilot of the Concorde, as a First Officer for British Airways on a flight from London to New York.

1981, Piedmont Airlines announces an order for eight more Boeing 737s with options for 20 more, to begin delivery in 1982. The order makes their 737 fleet the largest in the world.

1979, Qantas operates its last Boeing 707 on a flight from Auckland to Sydney, then becoming the only airline with an all-Boeing 747 fleet. This would hold until 1985 when they receive their first Boeing 767-200.

1978, a Burma Airways Fokker F-27 Friendship (XY-ADK) crashes into a paddy field immediately after takeoff from Okaraba, Burma, killing all 48 on-board.

1958, a Braniff Airlines Douglas DC-7 (N5904) departs Miami, Florida, and tries to return to the airport after an fire on the #3 engine but doesn’t make it. Of the 24 on-board, 9 perish in a marsh.

1954, an Aeronaves de Mexico Douglas DC-3 (XA-GUN) crashes into Friar’s Peak while descending in Monterrey, Mexico, killing all 18 aboard.

1950, a Devlet Hava Yollari Douglas DC-3 (TC-BAL) catches fire while on approach to Ankara, Turkey. The crew became incapacitated and the aircraft fell short of the runway, resulting in the deaths of all 15 occupants.

1950, a Mandated Air Lines Lockheed 414-08 Hudson IVA crashes into a house while trying to make an emergency landing back at Law-Nadzab Airport in Papua New Guinea. After experiencing a failure of engine #1, and then had to execute a go-around because of traffic on the runway, and subsequently hit telephone wires. There was 1 survivor among the 3 aboard.