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January 4, 2010

The Logbook: TSA Agent Loses Own Note Pad

Allegiant has boght 18 more of these bad boys to receive over the coming year from SAS. (Photo by John Musolino)

Allegiant has boght 18 more of these bad boys to receive over the coming year from SAS. (Photo by John Musolino)

• FlightGlobal’s Runway Girl is reporting that the TSA agent who investigated a travel blogger last week in regards to leaked security documents …has himself left his own note pad in a public place. [FlightGlobal]

• Allegiant Air will be receiving 18 MD-80s from  over the next 9 months. The purchase from Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) including thirteen MD-82/3s and five  MD-87s will add to the 46 MD-80s that they already have in their fleet.

• Air Berlin flight 2450 overran the runway in Dortmund, Germany after aborting takeoff. The 737-800 (registered D-ABKF) that was intended to fly to Las Palmas did not receive much of any damage, though the plane is said to be stuck in the mud on a slight embankment just beyond the runway where the 165 passengers were safely evacuated.  Weather reports indicate it was snowing at the time on the 6,600ft runway 06. There is no word at this on the reason for the aborted takeoff.

• Continental Airlines’ new CEO Jeffrey Smisek is refusing to accept any salary until the airline recovers and posts a profit. His salary is said to be $730,000.  [USAToday]

• Reagan National Airport experienced a power outage today which lasted for a full hour. Departures were grounded and a generator in the terminal kept some security screening going and backup power in the control tower is allowing for aircraft to continue to land..

• The FAA is taking a close look at American Airlines after three incidents by the airline within a two-week period. The 737 crash in Kingston, Jamaica on December 22nd and  incidents with MD-80s in Charlotte, north Carolina on December 13th and Chicago, Illinois on December 24th  led feds to see if there “might be indicative of a larger issue.” [CNN]

For your enjoyment, a video of a simultaneous approach at San Francisco Airport. Though common, the passenger misleadingly titled the video “close call”.

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