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November 27, 2009

Week In Review

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By: Phil Derner Jr.
Phoot by Phil Derner, Jr.
Phoot by Phil Derner, Jr.
ceremony04• KLM became the first airline to fly passengers on an aircraft using biofuel. One of their 747-400s flew out of Amsterdam on a short flight with one of its four engines using a 50% mixture of biokerosene and regular jet-fuel.

• An Airtran 717 aborted takeoff at LaGuardia Airport after the pilots received a fire indication. There ended up being no fire or engine failure. A loud bang that was heard was the result of the fire extinguisher being used. None of the 114 passengers were injured.

• As part of restructuring, Gulf Air announced plans to modify existing aircraft orders to expand their collection of narrowbody and regional aircraft, as they look to cut as many at 15 routes and add 20 fresh ones to recover from rough economic performance.

• In inappropriate aviation news this week, Captain Sullenberger’s wife said  of her husband “He doesn’t know I’m gonna say this, but I had joked the other day that … the hero sex really helps a 20-year-old marriage.” 

• NASA is looking to sell-off everything in their attic, including Space Shuttle parts to yummy space food (astronaut ice cream OMG!), and other memorabilia. all items are free, but the buyer mustpay for prep, shipping, and also must be a museum or historical organization.

• US Airways pushed back orders of 54 Airbus aircraft while they “bolster” their financial strength. This will affect a wide range of aircraft types, including Airbus A350s, pushing some to as late at 2017.

• Philippine Airlines took on their first 777-300.

• Gulfstream’s new G650 made its first flight today, though it was cut short due to some unexpected vibration. The source was later determined to be a landing gear door. Watch a video of it here.

SPOTTING REVIEW OF THE WEEK goes to Jeremy Lindgren with his impressive collection from BFI, LKE and PAE!

And, though it’s inappropriate to laugh at a plane crash, Tom Brokaw gets a little tongue-tied sometimes…