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November 19, 2009

The Logbook: A Series of Tubes

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By: Phil Derner Jr.
the-internet-a-series-of-tubes-300x262• A series of tubes delays a series of tubes when a computer glitch in Atlanta’s FAA system created heavy delays and cancellations all along the East Coast today. The error was repaired five hours later at 10am EST, but the downline effects hits flights around the country for the rest of the day.

• We use arrestor beds at the end of runways in the US, and in the Congo they use volcanic rock! A Congolese MD-80 didn’t stop in time and whoopsie daisy!

• OAG’s Airlines of the Year Awards make the top regional players LAN, South African, Virgin Atlantic, CSA Czech, Emirates and Continental. See the other winning categories here.

• Fire on a Condor 757-300 caused a diversion to Munich, Germany today. A short circuit started a smoldering fire and smoke into the forward cabin. The aircraft landed safely with no injuries.

• Malaysia will be adjusting the times that they operate into LAX.

• Virgin American started flights yesterday out of FLL to both LAS and SFO.