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July 8, 2007

787: The Magic is Back

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Written by: Tom Alfano
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Years of research, countless man hours, 677 orders and a true global partnership was the hallmark of today’s events here in Washington State. For most people July 8, 2007 was just another casual Summer Sunday like any other. However, today was the start of something new. A revolution. An opportunity to connect the world like it’s never been connected before, and most importantly, the day the magic returned to air travel. Soon, businesses will be closer to new markets, distant nations will be a single flight away, family and friends can easily reconnect with each other, and the dream of closer world will be reality.

Boeing’s newest and the world’s most advanced jetliner ever to take to the skies was unveiled to the public today at Boeing’s Everett, Washington factory. Thousands were on hand to witness not just the birth of a new plane but the dawn of a new age in Intercontinental travel. Like the 787’s ancestors, the DC-3, 707, and the early 747, the 787 will change everything we know about travel for the next 50 years.

The atmosphere at the launch was infectious, emotional and simply inspiring. The decibel level from the sea of media, VIPs, invited guests and Boeing employees was one of pure excitement and awe. Many in my surrounding area could be heard asking questions like “How big do you think it is,” “What’s it going to look like,” and “How fast will it go?” Even I was wondering what it would look like when she was rolled in.

As the time neared for the main event all eyes were fixed to the two massive hangar doors. Then as they opened there she was. There stood a machine built by man but seemingly looking as though it had its own consciousness and that it knew we all were there just for her. There was the future of air travel right in front of the crowd and even though the cheers were deafening I was surrounded by a silence in total amazement of what I was witnessing.

The crowd without delay rushed to the plane wanting to get closer, wanting to touch it, see it, and on some level connect with it. As I stood on our platform you could tell it was something new, it looked different but still keeping the graceful lines we’ve come to know from the Boeing family. Today the magic of flight was reborn; today the world celebrated our passion for soaring among the birds.

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