December 17, 2006

Road Warrior: Miles, Miles, and More Miles!

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By: Tom Alfano
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My God, it’s more addicting than drugs! Yes, it’s airline miles and I want them, or should I say I want more! I already have enough miles and credits between American, U.S Airways, Jetblue, and Southwest to ensure I won’t have to lay out a dime for any of my personal travel in 2007. So what is it with miles? We just crave more miles and more miles. We charge our water bill for miles, we charge gas and get more miles, and forget Cancun, charge your college tuition on your AAdvantage Visa card and you’ll be spending spring break in Monaco. As a business traveler, miles become part of the life a Road Warrior leads. It comes down to a game. Hell, this week I made sure I flew Southwest because of a triple credit promo. I earned another free ticket in only nine days! What I’ll do with four free tickets is beyond me but I want more!

Talk to some Road Warriors and they know the game and they know the perks of being elite. When you travel as much as 150,000 to 200,000 miles a year, the perks count. When you’re sitting on a six hour delay at Buffalo being able to relax in an airline club pays off. Even still, I crave more. I crave more because I just used two 500 miles upgrade certificates and I need to make up for them so I ensure I stay at Hiltons where I can earn double the miles and earn more miles.

A few months ago I received a post card in the mail from Southwest airlines promoting a “Fly one get one” freebie if I flew from ISP to anywhere. So what did I do? I promptly logged on to and book a cheap day trip to BWI. BAM! Another free ticket! I’m addicted folks what can I say.

I’ll admit I’m addicted; I’m addicted to earning miles, miles, and more miles. I know the ins and outs, the special promotions and the bonus offers that are running. I’m not sure if I really have a problem or if it’s just our desire as humans to crave free things. I know people who fly across country, arrive in SFO and simply turn around and board a return flight to come home for the sole purpose of keeping their elite status.

I’m not really sure why we do this. I’m also not really sure why someone is addicted to drinking but I fear it falls into the same category as an addiction. Let’s face it my fellow business travelers… we’re addicted. We’re addicted to first class, airline clubs, free drinks, getting on the plane first, and those nice little cards that are gold, silver, and platinum. We’re addicted to travel; it’s who we are and what we do. So does anyone know how I can earn more miles?

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