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The Big Threat in Aviation: Politicians in the Cockpit

Politics have been playing a big part in the airline industry the last several years. But is political participation for the better or worse?
by Phil Derner Jr.

Sock monkeys will still be permitted, so long as they are not used for cruel experiments. (Photo by TheKarenD via Flickr)

Air Canada Exits The Monkey Business

Air Canada won government approval to end the practice of transporting research primates, which had come under fire from animal rights groups.
by admin

A technician assembles a brand new TSA body scanner. (Photo by Matt Molnar/NYCAviation)

TSA to Commission Independent Study of X-Ray Body Scanners

The Transportation Security Administration has agreed to fund a study of the health effects of its X-ray body scanners.
by Michael Grabell, ProPublica


FAA Headquarters in Washington DC. (Photo by Matthew Bisanz, via Wikimedia Commons)

Did FAA Managers Urge Employees to Vote Democrat?

FAA managers illegally told workers that Republican wins would mean budget cuts for the agency, according to a government transparency group.
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Delta to Refund Federal Taxes on Flights During FAA Shutdown

Delta Air Lines on Monday announced that it would refund federal taxes to customers on flights booked before the FAA shutdown.
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