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The Legal Responsibility of Passengers During an Airplane Evacuation

Following a plane crash, it's imperative that the aircraft evacuation move quickly. But what are your legal responsibilities as a passenger?
by David J. Williams


Survive an Aircraft Evacuation

Increase your chances of surviving an emergency evacuation by creating a game plan before departure.
by Ken Hoke


Captain: A Double-Edged Sword

By the simple act of firing one of their own for keeping passengers alive, they have brought the wrath of an entire industry into an incident which wouldn't normally get a second look.
by Erika Armstrong



Video: The 4 Rules in Choosing a Safe Outfit To Fly In

Not enough people think about their health and the rare chance of aircraft emergencies when getting dressed for a flight. NYCA's Phil Derner goes over his four rules for a safe attire.
by Phil Derner Jr.