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Brandon Pelletier urinates at LAX.

Video (NSFW): Drunken Twilight Star Pees In The Middle Of LAX Terminal

Here's an actor named Bronson Pelletier whipping it out and peeing on the rug in front of hundred of LAX passengers late last month.
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iPadfellas. (Photos by Martin Scorcese and Apple. Composite by NYCAviation)

iGoodfellas: $1.5 Million in iPads Stolen From JFK [Updated]

About 3,600 Apple iPad Minis were stolen from the same JFK Airport warehouse in which the infamous Lufthansa Heist took place 34 years ago.
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An Omni Air International Boeing 767-200ER (N234AX) at JFK Terminal 4. (Photo by Kaz T.)

Omni Air Pilot Arrested After Seattle Carjacking

An Omni Air pilot was arrested Saturday night after carjacking a man in front of a Seattle hotel.
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One American 757 lands at St. Maarten while another taxis for departure. (Photo by Mario J. Craig)

American Airlines Baggage Handlers Took Apart Planes to Hide Drugs

A former American Airlines baggage handler was sentenced to three life sentences for running a drug smuggling ring out of JFK.
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A Kingfisher Airlines Airbus A320 (VT-KEG) taxis at Bangalore. (Photo by marirs via wikipedia, CC-BY-SA)

Kingfisher Owner Faces Arrest Over $2 Million in Bounced Checks

An arrest warrant has been issued in Hyderabad for billionaire Vijay Mallya.
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