| Spot A: Ikea Parking Lot

Views: Great angle of runway 4L and 4R arrivals, as well as 22R and 22L departures.

Directions: I-95/NJ Turnpike to exit 13A Elizabeth. Follow the signs to Ikea. You can’t miss it.

By public transportation, Ikea runs a free shuttle bus from Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan, but it runs only on weekends.

Security: Law enforcement has been known to be quite aggressive when it comes to approaching spotters in areas surrounding Newark Airport. If approached by a police officer, please remember to act courteously and carry your ID at all times. Also remember, this is private property, and if you are asked to leave by Ikea management or law enforcement, you are legally obliged to do so.

Photography: The planes are pretty close but not right in front of you. You can probably get by with a 85mm lens, but the longer the better.

Some photos shot from this location:

Photo by Mike Primamore

Photo by Mike Primamore

Photo by Mike Primamore