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Thread: TWA Hotel

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    TWA Hotel

    Some questions about the TWA rooftop Observation Deck. I heard that non-guests must call reservations in advance to get admitted. I also heard that you must get seated at a table & order snacks.Finally, I heard that spotters can only stay for 2 hours. Which are rumors? I would hate to visit for nothing. I had a stroke last year so visiting would be a hassle.

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    Mr. Speedbird, after an onslaught of the TWA Hotel observation deck by spotters, the hotel now instituted fees. In my opinion most of the younger spotters ruined it for the more seasoned spotters. The younger spotters thought that this was their new playground, they would spend hours at a time and not spend a dime. I think they forgot that this is a business establishment. You can read more about the pricing by clicking on the link below.
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